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Remind Me Why I'm Here
25.07.24 / 28.07.24

Remind Me Why I'm Here

"He was a father who was always there, always helping and giving guidance. Dad was always at peace with himself, until Alzheimer's came along."

We are proud to announce the opening of our upcoming showcase; Remind Me Why I'm Here in collaboration with Brighton based tailor, Gresham Blake.

Between 25th and 28th July, Remind Me Why I'm Here will be on show in Helm's exhibition hall, in order to raise both money and awareness of Alzheimer's disease. This cause is close to Gresham's heart as his father, Brian Blake, sadly died of the disease just a year ago.

As Gresham says, "the story of my dad's decline into Alzheimer's is just one of millions, so it's great to have an opportunity to do something in his name and help support such a worthwhile cause."

"Brian slipped into his own reality about 5 years ago. He lost coordination with movement and speech so he had no way to express his feelings, except in rare moment when he would say 'remind me why I'm here'", says Gresham's mum, Adrienne. "His colours faded, as did he, and I've been reflecting that in my art, working more in black and white".

This moving exhibition will feature embroidery artwork by Adrienne Blake, as well as photographs by Gresham Blake and Kenny McCracken.

On Thursday 25th July we will be celebrating the opening of the showcase between 7pm - 10pm. The evening will be the first chance to see the exhibition and we will have Chris Difford, the lead guitarist of Squeeze, joining us for a musical performance also.

If you'd like to attend the opening party, simply book a free ticket below.

If you are unable to make the event but would like to make a donation to Alzheimer's Research UK, you can do so here.

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