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Graphic Rewilding
25.04.24 / 12.05.24


Spring is here and Graphic Rewilding is coming to Helm. We are proud to announce that IRIS UPON IRIS UPON IRIS will be on show between 25th April and 12th May in our main exhibition hall. 

The artistic duo, also known as Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker, began Graphic Rewilding “as an artistic counterbalance to the severe lack of green space in cities”. The ongoing project, which employs nature inspired public art to improve quality of life, has taken on many forms over the past few years but has never before been seen in a gallery setting. 

Taking on city streets, billboards, abandoned spaces, Lewes Castle and even Westfield in London - there is no space that cannot be transformed by the pair, and now you can experience their latest immersive installation at Helm.

Having focused solely on one type of flower, as the exhibition title suggests, "for the last 3 months they have both been bathed in this yellow and blue violet combination, and it’s had a profoundly positive effect on their state of mind."

As always this exhibition is free to view, and we will be hosting a party on Thursday 25th April to celebrate the opening. Register for a free ticket below to come along on the night. 

During the exhibition there will also be the chance to Hack Your Happiness at our fascinating artist talk, learn the art of Japanese Ink Drawing in an artist-led workshop and hand tie your own floral bouquet of local grown sustainable flowers with Betty Blooming.

About the artist

The artistic duo, also known as Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker, began Graphic Rewilding “as an artistic counterbalance to the severe lack of green space in cities”. Based in Brighton they specialise in large-scale public installations, seeking to prompt those in urban environments to think more about nature through their vast, attention-grabbing, flower-inspired art, a combination of timeless imagery and unerring vibrancy. Throughout the course of their partnership they've turned their hand to abandoned buildings, Lewes castle and even Westfield in London, there's seemingly no limit to what the pair will takeover.

Their work is an exercise in focus and repetition, channeling the tradition of Japanese Sumi-e ink drawing into a collection of engrossing, charmingly elegant pieces that seek to capture the joyous essence and timeless aesthetic of the nature it depicts, rather than trying to evoke intense detail. The result makes for a plethora of hypnotically calming work, with a similar stylistic feel to artists such as Patrick Caulfield and Michael Craig-Martin.

We're proud to host the duos first ever selection of original works presented through a gallery – a project that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and simplicity of nature.

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Graphic Rewilding

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