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Japanese Ink Drawing Workshop

Japanese Ink Drawing Workshop

To tie in with our current exhibition IRIS UPON IRIS UPON IRIS, artist and co-founder of Graphic Rewilding, Lee Baker, will be hosting our first Japanese Ink Drawing workshop at Helm.

Lee has long been a fan of sumi-e painting and incorporates the artform into his practice stating:

"The artistry of sumi-e lies in its use of minimalistic brushstrokes, typically employing just black ink, water, and rice paper. Each stroke is deliberate and purposeful, conveying the essence of the subject rather than striving for a detailed representation."

A trip to Tokyo in 2010 saw Lee moved to tears by the work of Ito Jakuchu, which then led to questions around aesthetics and nature, and the eventual birth of Graphic Rewilding.

Whether you have experience or you are completely new to the technique, there is space for you at this session. During the two hour workshop, each guest will receive coaching from Lee and create their own unique artwork to take away with them.

With a focus on the organic, there will be live flowers to draw from - however, what you make is up to you. There will also be time to explore the exhibition held in our exhibition hall downstairs.

Date: Tuesday 30th April

Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm

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The session will take place in our ground floor gallery. The space is accessible from street level on one even surface, with access to our bar and a gender neutral accessible bathroom. During the workshop, the gallery will be closed to the general public.

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