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Collection: Tan Gillies

Tan Gillies is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. His work is poignant, seeking to provide an unflinching look into his harrowing personal experiences through film,
photography and painting.

People often associate art with therapy, Tan's work however, represents a more all-encompassing approach. Cathartic in a way that expresses the whole spectrum of human emotion, his output is influenced by his turbulent upbringing and tinged by his Icelandic heritage. The result is immediately arresting, expelling his trauma into a comprehensive view of addiction and male mental health issues in a way that can be both immediate and subtle.

Tan is creative director and founder of London based creative studio 'Burbia'. Founded in 2022, it's another symptom of Tan's unquenchable passion for pushing art and culture forward. He's been featured in both Dazed and The Face and recently exhibited in Soho revue, he's one of the most versatile and consistent creatives that the country has to offer.

Tan Gillies