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About the artist

Collection: CHIP

Based in Hove, Chip has been deeply immersed in rave culture for over 25 years. Having cut his teeth in the scene through his work as a freelance photographer for publications such as The Face, NME, DJ Mag, Mix Mag, Straight No Chaser and Muzik mag, he eventually moved into furniture design, a trade that would later inform his current practice of making beautifully tactile sculptures that repurpose the classic motifs of the UK dance scene into brilliantly evocative works of art.

More than just a play on nostalgia, his 'Rave icons' series speaks to a movement that connected a whole generation, one that brightened the outlook and shaped the tastes of thousands of people. His work is done to celebrate a lifestyle that was initially seen as a flash in the pan but is still going strong decades later, using traditional techniques to provide provenance to a way of life that focuses on connection, community and creativity.