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19.10.23 / 05.11.23


Making his way over from Vienna especially for this event, Austrian-born contemporary artist Skirl will be offering a unique opportunity to see some of his world-renowned mural painting in action.

Join us on 19th and 20th October to watch Skirl create a painted installation directly onto the walls of Helm's Exhibition Hall, live!

Famed for his mesmerising and hypnotic large-scale pieces, Skirl is adept at painting on any surface while his signature paint rollers and wavy, abstract style make viewing his creative process a truly unique experience. This exhibition will offer people the chance to witness one of our most exciting artists in action as they create a truly special example of their work in front of their very eyes.

You'll find Skirl livepainting at Helm at the following times:

19.10.23 19:00 - 21:30*

20.10.23 noon onwards*

21.10.23 noon onwards*

* Keep an eye on our socials for live updates

The mural will be on view until the 5th November. There will be several exciting accompanying events for this exhibition – sign up to our mailing list below so that you don't miss out.

About the artist

Skirl is an artist who is all about texture. His work, created with a hand-cut custom paint roller, echoes organic patterns and gives a hypnotic sense of movement and calm.

Based in Vienna, Skirl's work can be found all over the world. Having used his roller to work on trains, houses, paper and basketball courts he combines the scale of a graffiti artist with his own unique, tactile approach to create visually stunning pieces that twist and flow harmoniously with his chosen backdrop.

Skirl famously works with only either blue or black paint. Having developed an incredibly recognisable style, his work is deceptively simple and comes as a result of years of refinement and practice.

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