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Margo In Margate
Thinking Of YOU
08.01.24 / 18.02.24

Thinking Of YOU

Helm is excited to announce our upcoming exhibition entitled Thinking of YOU, by accomplished painter Margo In Margate.

Drawing inspiration from the town of Margate, as her name suggests, Margo's work is filled with an infectious optimism, brimming with bright colours and subtly influenced by her time living by the sea.

As she celebrates ten years of creating artwork every single day, Margo In Margate has completed a staggering number of original works for the exhibition centred around feeling strong, being bold and having confidence.

There'll be the chance to collect works on both paper and canvas, as well as Margo's sought after ceramic pieces and we'll be hosting a number of exciting events in the space during the exhibition. Thinking of YOU will be on show from 08.01.24 - 18.02.24.

Despite opening the show in the depths of Winter , Margo will be bringing the sunshine to the city, with "sea swimmers and lots of colourful ladies" amongst the collection.

"I am so looking forward to bringing all my bright and bold ladies to Brighton! I have lots of new work and they are full of colour and joy! Brighton is such an inspiration and I cannot wait to see my work in Helm."

During the exhibition we will also welcome Jo Brooks to sit down with Margo in front of a live audience and we'll play host to an exclusive guided workshop where you can learn to paint with the artist herself!

All works will be on show in our Exhibition Hall until 18th February - after which any purchased artworks will be available for collection or delivery.

Visit the What's On page now, to view all of the events at Helm.

About the artist

Margo in Margate is fast becoming one of the most talked about artists in the UK contemporary arts scene. Based in Margate, her work is filled with an infectious optimism, brimming with bright colours and subtly influenced by her time living by the sea, the pieces that she paints have a beautiful simplicity and a strong feminine edge to them that endeavours to capture the complexities of being a woman.

Margo's productivity is second-to-none, she is best known for having created a new work every day for the past nine years, each one channelling themes of sisterhood, love and empowerment. Her relentlessly passionate approach to her work has led to a cult-following on an international scale and her artistic stature has meant that despite her prolific output her work remains more desirable than ever.


All of us at Helm feel incredibly fortunate to be involved in the journey of such an inspiring artist.

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Margo In Margate

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