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Present To Win - Vinyl Sticker

  • Pack of 2 vinyl stickers
  • Original artwork by Scott Froschauer
  • Each 5 x 10 cm


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Scott Froschauer

About the artist

Scott Froschauer

Scott Froschauer is an experimental artist based in Los Angeles, California. His background consists of a structured education in engineering, theoretical linguistics, science, art, computer programming and business along with, in his won words, practical experience in fabrication, design, non-ordinary reality, experiential narrative, venture capital and counterfeiting.

His work is experiential, designed to be seen in person rather than to be captured digitally or in a photograph. The result is work that is an exploration of emotional connectedness, using street signs as a medium he reverts the sentiment commonly associated with them – where there was once negative, hostile language like “Stop”, “Do not enter” or “Wrong way” he replaces them with life-affirming phrases centred on positivity and well-being.

Scott has shown art at 'Burning man' festival for over 10 years and transitioned gradually from guerrilla street-artist, erecting signs secretly in a similar fashion to how a graffiti artist would present their work, to being a municipality-approved artist having his work officially supported and shown in the city he works in. His pieces keep their subversive edge, using the same material, techniques and specifications that official street signs use, blending his work in seamlessly with the very elements of society that he critiques