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Lobstars Collectible 05 - Octopus

  • Resin sculpture
  • Edition of 100
  • H 25cm 
  • Comes with COA 


Available to purchase using the Own Art scheme


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Philip Colbert

About the artist

Philip Colbert

Phillip Colbert is British artist, born in Scotland and living and working in London. Commonly referred to as 'The Godson of Andy Warhol', his work is incredibly distinctive and has garnered him an international cult-following and acclaim from art-world figures such as Charles Saatchi and Simon De Pury.

Known for his cartoon lobster persona, his work combines contemporary art-theory with themes from old master paintings and channels it through iconic symbols of everyday culture for a style that is at once as familiar as it is groundbreaking. His work is not limited to paintings, large-scale projects, sculptural works and NFTs make up a vast amount of his artistic oeuvre, notable examples include his giant inflatable lobster that he provided for the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022, his creation of 'Lobsteropolis' - a digital, virtual-reality artistic universe, and his vast array of tactile, vibrant, smaller-scale sculptures of lobster figures.

His work is intensely surreal and visually arresting, giving him an unparalleled uniqueness that has seen him exhibit work internationally and be purchased by some of the worlds leading collectors. His practice forces you to expect the unexpected and provides the most revitalising take on pop-art in recent memory.