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Framed New York Times - Monochrome

  • Silkcreen print on paper
  • Edition of 25, framed in polished silver finish
  • 85 x 60.5cm
  • Signed and numbered


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Rich Simmons

About the artist

Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons is a contemporary artist based in Brighton. Heavily influenced by the pop- art of the 60's and 70's he filters his inspiration through street-art sensibilities, utilising spray-paint and stencils for work that is as vibrant as it is nostalgic. His art channels the bold and irreverent, inviting the viewer into taboo topics of conversation while his composition is interestingly heavily inspired by renaissance era painting, particularly the Fibonacci sequence, contrasting his controversial subject matter with a traditional edge. Euro News went as far to describe Simmons' work as 'Pop Art inspired by da Vinci'.


At just 37 years old, Simmons has already exhibited in 33 galleries and museums across three continents, seven countries and 16 major cities, proving his versatility and global appeal. In 2018, a painting Simmons created for Gracious Hearts Charity for children with cerebral palsy sold for £52,000 at a Christie’s charity auction.