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Artist: Katsu
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Untitled (Drone Smile), 2022 - Red

  • Spray paint on canvas
  • Framed original
  • 122 x 122cm
  • Signed on the verso


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About the artist


Katsu is a Japanese-American artist based between Brooklyn and San Francisco, his work
showcases the ominous and inevitable intersection of art and technology, covering
subjects like vandalism, consumerism, AI and digital culture through innovative and
boundary-pushing mediums.

With a catalogue spanning from graffiti, AI-generated works and sculptures, he's
established himself as one of the most unique and cutting-edge contemporary artists
around. In keeping with his forward-thinking nature, he developed a drone that can be
used for graffiti named 'Graffiti drone 1.0'. He was inspired by Germany's proposed idea to
have drones that would be used to catch vandals and graffiti writers, using the drone to
create a now viral piece for which he targeted a Calvin Klein billboard featuring Kendall
Jenner, defacing it in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

Katsu graduated with a BFA from Parson's school of design in New York. He's been part
of several high-profile exhibitions including 'Beyond The Streets' in Los Angeles and 'Born
in the Streets - Graffiti' at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris. In 2015 he
created 'Dronescape Summer' for Coney Art Walls and beyond the streets at Saatchi
gallery in London, in which several original works were featured.

Katsu's role in the ever-changing modern art scene is hard to overstate, his innovative
approach and strive for uniqueness setting him up to be one of the most exciting artists of
the 21st century.