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I'd Like To Dip My Toe In

  • Acrylic on wood panel with lacquer finish
  • Original
  • 75 x 75cm
  • Signed on verso 


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Miles Takes

About the artist

Miles Takes

Miles Takes is an English artist based in the South-East. His work centers on creating abstract, geometric compositions that reflect the organic patterns and movement found in nature. 

Miles’ process is meticulous, using hand-mixed, high-quality acrylic paint, he painstakingly paints his works on to birch wood panels before coating them in gloss lacquer, giving his works a feeling of effortless tranquillity and an almost fluid effect, many of his works are visually reminiscent of water in either a state of stillness or continuous flow. 

Coming from a mixed race background, Miles’ continuously involves himself in projects, communities and collaborations that empower minorities in the creative industry. He has designed album work for critically acclaimed musicians and printed textiles for some of Britain’s most loved luxury fashion brands. He is currently the creative lead for Black Artist Database, a community-based platform that promotes and supports people of colour across the diaspora within the music and art industry.