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Artist: Helen Benton
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Good Enough

  • Silk screen print
  • Edition of 10
  • 83 x 63cm
  • Signed and numbered


This piece is currently on show as part of the Unity exhibition until 2nd June.


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"My intention is to explore opinions about motherhood - and the plethora of views and attitudes around it.
Using impactful imagery and bright colours, this particular print aims to explore perfectionism, idealization and the social policing of decisions that women make around motherhood and feeding choices.
I have titled it ‘Good Enough’, picking up on the paediatrician and psychotherapist Donald Winnicott’s theory that being a ‘good enough’ mother was optimal for a child, He believed that for a child developing in an imperfect world, being able to tolerate difficulties, disappointment and frustration makes for a more resilient personality.
In a world where the image of the perfect mother is served up to us repeatedly, I hope my print will serve a unifying reminder that to be ‘good enough’ is more than fine, and actually desirable."