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  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Original
  • 150 x 120cm
  • Signed 


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Giordan Rubio

About the artist

Giordan Rubio

Giordan Rubio is a French contemporary artist based in Nice. Disillusioned by his time at medical school, he eventually sought to break away from society's expectations and produce art full-time.

His work is beautifully painterly, a symphony of elements and forms that dance and play off of each-other, sometimes harmoniously, other times in complete contrast. The overall result is always greater than the sum of it's parts, large scale compositions of animals, typography, toys, mythological creatures and swathes of colour come together with the intention of representing a dream-like play of themes reflecting a childlike curiosity to the world around him.

The uniqueness of his work is compounded by his vast number of artistic influences. At such a young age, his work is as humbling as it is impressive and demonstrates the sheer potential of such a talented painter.