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Everybody Hurts

  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Original, in black oak tray frame
  • 103 x 103cm
  • Signed on verso



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Euan Roberts

About the artist

Euan Roberts

Euan Roberts is an artist of Bajan and Scottish heritage based in Hastings.

His work consists of playful imagery and metaphors to portray various aspects of the human condition, forgoing painting humans in favour of using a cast of idiosyncratic characters which appear repeatedly throughout his art. 

He's become known for the humorous approach underlining his work, disarming the viewer whilst he explores deeper feelings, emotions and complex topics. Much of his work also serves to analyse his journey as a person of colour within society – the black bear character of his frequently referencing his feeling of alienation within traditional art-world spaces. 

Primarily working through painting he has expanded his oeuvre to include ceramics, drawings and screen-prints. He's done commercial work for Facebook, Glastonbury festival, Leicester square and London fashion retail academy. He's also exhibited work internationally, his bold, stylised approach crossing language barriers and allowing viewers from all backgrounds to identify with the animals in his work. 

In 2021 Euan and his partner Ruth Spencer opened 'Big Yin', a contemporary gallery that seeks to champion underrepresented artists and minorities.