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Lucid Mirror

  • Polished hand formed stainless steel
  • Original
  • 110 x 100cm
  • Signed on verso


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Hand crafted from a single sheet of stainless steel, each piece in Piers Henry's Lucid Mirror series is unique.

The highly polished finish will reflect light and colour, responding to the artwork's surroundings.

"The experience is almost liquid like as you can expect to see your mirror reflect your interior colours whilst catching the outside mood."
Piers Henry

About the artist

Piers Henry

Based in Cheshire, Piers Henry specialises in creating stunning, tactile sculptures that play on light and texture to create elegant and ethereal works of art. 

Having honed his skills over years of practice, Piers uses concrete, glass and metal to create bespoke furniture in addition to his sculptures, becoming renowned for his forward-thinking, contemporary approach to art and design.

His work is collected internationally and represents the perfect merge of modern art and tasteful design.