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Artist: Tanmay Saxena
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9 Men In Burqas - One All

  • Photograph on paper
  • Edition of 10
  • 101 x 80cm


This piece is currently on show as part of the Unity exhibition until 2nd June.


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Born in India and living in London for the last 15 years, Tanmay’s work has a duality of two completely different yet complimentary worlds and tones.

"9 Men In Burqas - is a series of photographs I shot where I asked 9 men to wear a burqa and spend one entire day as women do through most of their life. For a day, they were inside a garment that separates them on the surface from the women in the most basic terms. For a day they felt what women feel inside a burqa, for a day they were in unity with them, and within themselves."

Find out more on Tanmay's website - here.