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The Smoothing IV

  • Conservation grade silicone on stretched canvas
  • Frame original diptych
  • Signed 


Available to purchase using the Own Art scheme


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Artist Ever Grainger stands wearing a black boiler suit and cap, holding their silicone extruding tool, as you would a rifle.

About the artist

Ever Grainger

Ever Grainger is a sculptural artist based on the South coast. She is best known for her playful, tactile sculptures and originals made using silicone and a simple caulking gun.

Their work is a masterclass in texture, serving as a dialogue between tools and the 'artists hand', the pieces flow and tangle over themselves, appearing to almost fall off the surface, defying physics in a way that's both entices the viewer closer and reflects the artists impressively technical process. Taking weeks to cure and finalise, each work is unique and a testament to Ever's patience and compositional prowess.

In 2022 she featured in group exhibitions including The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition; The Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Show (after being elected a member in 2021); The Royal West of England Academy Annual Open and Wells Art Contemporary. The year also culminated in them winning the Pangolin Digital Ltd Sculpture Prize.

Ever's output is the result of years of fine-tuning their practice and makes them an exceptionally original and collectable artist.