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Artist: Liberty Cheverall
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A Year On

  • Acrylic wool, hessian and calico
  • Original
  • 57.5 x 55.5cm


This piece is currently on show as part of the Unity exhibition until 2nd June.


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Liberty Cheverall is a textile artist exploring themes of heartbreak, financial issues, mental health and the home.

"A year on is a piece of work which represents the loop of mental health, starting to see the change and better, but knowing its for now. The inevitable dip is going to happen, but acknowledging and enjoying the uprise in mood. This piece was specifically made in spring, to represent the shift in weather and how it relates to mood (predominantly in the UK), starting to see the longer days and sunshine is a form of hope. Unifying people by relating to mental health is a big part of my practice. The understanding that without other people (friends, family, colleagues and even strangers) you cant get better alone. Unifying the audience to the artist, to relate to anyone who is struggling and acknowledge they are not alone. You need unity in whatever form, to bring yourself out of whatever bad place you were in. No one should have to do it alone."