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Artist: Lucy Delano
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11,432 Miles And 938 Days

  • Clear acrylic, photograph, collage
  • 1 of 1, framed in white
  • 76 x 76cm


This piece is currently on show as part of the Unity exhibition until 2nd June.


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Made during the pandemic, this portrait describes the artist’s connection to, and longing for, her daughter, who was locked down 11,432 miles away in New Zealand.

Only after 938 days were they able to reunite, almost exactly half-way around the world for each, in Thailand.

The portrait consists of a photograph of the artist, printed onto clear acrylic, physically overlayed with a photograph of a painted self-portrait, of the artist’s daughter, similarly printed onto clear acrylic.

The overlaid images were then photographed to create the final piece. 

The overlapping eye is not digitally enhanced or altered in any way.

Find out more on Lucy Delano's website here.